The Children’s Services Fund Coalition is a community-driven organization in the Kansas City region.  The Coalition proposes real solutions for funding gaps that exist in the delivery of services that protect our children’s future. As a result of an $80 million gap that was discovered in a recent study of children’s protective and mental health services in Jackson and Clay counties, the Coalition was formed in 2014 in response to the crisis.

The Children’s Services Fund Coalition is comprised of leaders who face the challenges, every day, of delivering vital services to at-risk children and youth.  As one of their first actions, these leaders are proposing the establishment of Children’s Services Funds in Jackson and Clay counties.

  • Robin Winner, Synergy Services
  • Lynn Durbin, Steppingstone
  • Denise Cross, Cornerstones of Care
  • Nancy Atwater, Preferred Health Care
  • Mary Chant, MCCA
  • Evelyn Craig, Restart, Inc.
  • Barb Friedmann, Metropolitan Community College
  • Carol Grimaldi, Cornerstones of Care
  • Rita Holmes-Bobo, Niles
  • Amber Takens, Truman Medical Center
  • Julie Pratt, Comprehensive Mental Health
  • Lori Ross, Midwest Foster Care and Adoption
  • Julie Donelon, MOCSA
  • Sunny Jones, Catholic Charities
  • Don Goldman, Jewish Family Services
  • Richard Odiam, Jewish Family Services
  • Dennis Meier, Synergy Services
  • Mary Anne Metheny, Hope House
  • Lisa Mizell, Child Protection Center
  • Tom Petrizzo, Tri-County Mental Health Services
  • Vickie Riddle, Homeless Services Coalition, KC
  • Carmen Schulze, Great Circle
  • Brad Smith, Executive Director of Drumm Center for Children
  • Mark Leovell, Great Circle
  • Alan Flory, Rediscover Mental Health
  • Donna Busher, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
  • Claire Terrebonne, CASA
  • Mattie Rhodes Center
  • Susan Miller, Rose Brooks
  • Rochelle Parker, CAPA
  • Martha Gershun, CASA

Honorary Committee

Steve Roling
Rev. Emanuel Cleaver III
Anita Gorman
Mark Jorgenson
Rev, Bob Hill
MO State Rep. Judy Morgan and Gene Morgan
MO State Rep. Jeremy LaFaver
Greg Graves
Indep. Mayor Eileen Weir and Tom Weir
Ken and Cindy McClain
Barbara Potts and Dr. Don Potts
Jennifer Atterbury
Gretchen Kunkel
Sylvia Robinson, PhD
Debby Howland

Gayle Hobbs
Juan Rangel
Betsy VanderVelde
David E. Kingsley, PhD
Lori Fluegel
Tom Isenberg
Sarah Starnes
Kelvin Wells
Karen Dolt
Scott Wagner
Brent and Jenny Miles
MO State Rep. Lauren Arthur
Scott and Cindy Lakin
Tim Laycock
Ira Harritt
Collin Thomas

John Newsam
Kelly McCambridge
Angie Kuhlman
Greg Adams
Rebecca David
Terry Kincheloe
M. Courtney Koger
John Lantos, M.D.
Taylor Miller
Andy Schuerman
Jon B. Gray
Karen Bartz
Rebecca Randles
Rachael Steele
Jack and Marsha Campbell
John Fierro

Carl Chinnery
Pastor John Brooks and Teri Brooks
Amy Hartsfield
Jeff Wright
Gary Zaborac
Mike Enos
Susan Crane Lewis
Robb and Amber Heineman
Sheri Wood
Debbie Sosland-Edelman
Jim McDonald
Patricia Scaglia
Crystal Williams
Charlie Shields
Beth Low
Stacey Daniels-Young, PhD
Parkville Mayor Nanette Johnston