The Children’s Services Fund will appropriately distribute funds to organizations actively working to strengthen families and protect children. The funds will impact more than 15,000 children in Jackson County who are homeless, experiencing domestic violence, in foster care or suffering from abuse and neglect.

Some of the first reaching areas will include:


About 4,000 children in Jackson County are homeless and many others are at risk of becoming homeless. The temporary shelters in Jackson County cannot currently provide a place for all of these homeless youth and hundreds must be turned away.

  • It will identify more youth who are at risk for homeless needs and provide them services.

Currently, about 2,500 Jackson County children are in foster care. Studies show that nine of every 10 youth leaving foster care at age 18 become homeless.

  • It will provide more transitional housing programs for youth, especially helping those aging out of the foster care system to become independent adults.

Meet Mental Health Needs

According to a recent Missouri Department of Mental Health survey of Jackson County 6th – 12th grade students, 12% had considered suicide, 9% had made a plan, and almost 2% had suffered an injury from a suicide attempt.

  • It will provide mental health services for the thousands of Jackson County children who do not have access.
  • It will provide considerable more home-based, school-based and community-based early intervention services that identify and treat serious emotional disorders.
  • It will increase the number of psychologist and counselors to provide mental health services at schools

Reduce Domestic Violence

In 2014, Jackson County had 1,940 children in substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect.

  • There will be many more programs for children affected by domestic violence